Thursday, 4 December 2014

IMechE Young Member of the Year Award

A member of the inaugural SELA cohort, Yun-Hang Cho, has been named the youngest ever IMechE young member of the year for his outstanding commitment to inspiring the next generation and his contribution to supporting the Institution’s key STEM engagement targets. As an individual STEM Ambassador he has worked with several of the Institution’s key partners to deliver a number of fun, informative events.

Yun has volunteered with the IMechE in a number of roles on the South Yorkshire Young Members Panel and the Young Members Board. Yun is excellent at engaging young people as he uses his own experience of being a teenager to tailor his approach to towards them and has received consistently high levels of praise.

As a STEM ambassador; Yun has partnered with the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) to deliver presentations on their Year in Industry scheme to secondary schools pupils. Demonstrating excellence in encouraging young people into engineering, he has been nominated by EDT for the Stephenson Award.

As education officer, Yun works with various university societies such as Space Society to produce school outreach programmes, for example, to launch model rockets. He also manned the IMechE stand at “Get Up to Speed” Engineering festival as well as attending the Global Manufacturing Festival.

On an institution level, Yun has strived to meet and work with other engineering institutions. He has recently become the RAeS Sheffield Branch Student Representative and is hoping to hold IMechE and RAeS events in the future.

Yun says, “It is usually awarded to individuals who have committed themselves to inspiring the next generation and this is usually at least graduate level or chartered engineers and teachers. So it was a real honour and rarity because the award covers some of the work I did when I was just 19!”

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

SELA celebrates its official launch

Patrick Downie, Cohort 2014

SELA recently celebrated its official launch with an event held in the Pam Liversidge building. Although the SELA cohort have been hard at work together for a good couple of months already, the opportunity was taken to introduce the cohort, the SELA board, and the motivations and purpose of SELA to a wider group of people from across the university.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Minds of Many

Patrick Downie, Cohort 2014

It was 8 am on a cloudy Saturday morning in September - too early for any university student to function at full capacity. As time passed on the way to our destination, thoughts of coffee and bed turned to excitement. What mysteries lay ahead at the 2014 SELA bootcamp?

The first thing you notice as you pull up to Shrigley Hall is its impressive and imposing 19th century fa├žade. The second thing you notice is the expansive view, stretching all the way across Manchester. The third thing, in our case, was our SELA mentors rushing out to greet us and usher us into this land of leisure that was to be our home for the night.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Off to Bootcamp we go!

On the last weekend of September, eighteen second year MEng students will head off into the Peak District for an intensive leadership skills bootcamp. The students are members of the Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy (SELA), an extracurricular program which aims to help our engineering undergraduate students to become engineering leaders of tomorrow, who create positive impact in research and industry.