Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Summer Placement: DEWAG

Deven Darshane, SELA Cohort 2015

My internship this summer was at DEWAG from 27th June to 8th August. DEWAG are an electronics company that specialise in microprocessors designed and installed to suit a variety of needs, offering consultation as well as installation. It was particularly interesting for me to see how everything is done in-house, from the research and design to manufacture, assembly, testing and dispatch. My role changed frequently within my placement in order to see what kind of areas suited me. Coming from a mechanical background, I often found myself researching and learning more about process analysis, instrument technology and automation within the electronic field. Fortunately, a lot of these areas are included in my modules for my study abroad next year so hopefully I have a head-start from my classmates! Whilst I agreed with the company that I cannot write about the specific work I undertook, I can reflect on the both the skills I have developed throughout my placement, and how this has affected my future ambitions.

In terms of technical experience, my most enjoyable experience was building on my limited programming knowledge within a supportive environment, helping me to learn new languages and utilise different industrial software. It was very satisfying to get to grips with an area I have little knowledge in. Whilst a career in the electronics industry may not be something I want to pursue further, I believe the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt can translate to my degree and career afterwards. An area I’ve also developed is my communication skills, in terms of progress updates and deadlines between various departments of the company. When working on a project it’s vital to know where everyone is and what problems they’re facing on a daily schedule. Even as a new intern, I felt I could ask senior members for help due to the supportive culture. I found this very important as it grew my confidence and encouraged me to take more responsibility for the projects and tasks I worked on, leading to better quality work. The actual electronic industry is not something I want to pursue further, but I think it’s an equally important experience because it ruled out something I was previously considering, and thus helped me better identify what sort of placement I want for next summer.

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