Thursday, 24 November 2016

SELA goes to Parliament

Yun-Hang Cho, SELA Cohort 2014

On 22 November 2016, I attended the luncheon debate on de-carbonization hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Engineering Group.

The day began nice and early with a train to London. There were reports of train delays due to flooding that morning however my hopes remained high. By the time the train had past Leicester, I was sure I was going to arrive on time. That all changed with about 5 minutes before arriving at London. The train conductor announced a 15 minute delay going into St Pancras. How typical. It was ironic that today I would be representing SELA to get some opinions from politicians on the Hyperloop concept: a transportation system delivering travellers from point A to B via a high speed pod inside an airless vacuum within a tunnel stretching across the countryside. This new concept from the US would seem quite apt for a country who invented railways.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Summer Placement: Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Sheffield

Aisha Khan, SELA Cohort 2015 

Did you know that less than 1 per cent of paper coffee cups in the UK are recycled? That paper coffee cups aren’t meant to be put into general recycling bins? That they are considered waste paper stream contaminants?

I had the opportunity of carrying out a placement through the SELA research bursary programme in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Sheffield, working with Professor Peter Styring on the recycling of paper coffee cups.