Tuesday, 26 September 2017

SELA Bootcamp 2017

Leonardo Marchiori, SELA Cohort 2017

On a dreary Saturday morning of September, our adventure as SELA Cohort 2017 started by getting on a bus which would take us to a mysterious location – the only clue we had was that it was somewhere in the Peak District – to do an equally mysterious “Induction Bootcamp.” Everybody was tired as it was relatively early, especially considering that some, including me, had just moved back to Sheffield after spending the summer home or abroad, so on our way there the minibus was rather silent, apart from the occasional chat prompted mainly by our curiosity to discover the location. Nobody was expecting anything special, so there was a general expression of amazement on our faces when we entered the gates of the actual event. We were immediately welcomed by Gary, Head of SELA, who led us to the room where the activities would take place. After a brief time to chat and get to know the people with whom we shared the table, the workshops started promptly.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Summer Placement: Deloitte

Jack Cundall, SELA Cohort 2016

All engineering projects operate within a business environment. If they do not make sense financially then they will not go ahead. Therefore, it is essential that a leader understands the whole of the business and not just the technical side. This is not usually taught on an engineering degree, which is why so few CEOs are engineers by background.

My placement was with Deloitte, which is not an engineering firm but a professional services firm. They provide advice and services to companies across many different industries, including engineering and technology companies.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Summer Placement: Argent

Deven Darshane, SELA Cohort 2015

Over the summer I have had opportunity to work as an intern for 8 weeks at Argent in London, a construction company specialising in mixed-use development. They are best known for their efforts in regenerating King’s Cross station and the surrounding area into a vibrant new quarter for the public, transforming the once negative reputation of the site.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Summer Placement: BuroHappold Engineering

Rhona Kerr, SELA Cohort 2015

For the second summer running, I have been working for BuroHappold Engineering on an 8-week placement. Being a Civil and Structural Engineering student it was great to have a placement with an integrated engineering consultancy, to see how different disciplines interact. My placement was based in BuroHappold’s Leeds office with the Structural Engineering team. I received a warm welcome on returning to the office and it was fantastic to see how the project I had worked on last summer had progressed.