Monday, 13 May 2019

SELA Board Member shortlisted for Leading the Way in Student Futures

SELA is delighted to announce that Ceri Batchelder, SELA Board Member and Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence at the University, has been shortlisted for the Student Futures Award, in the Sheffield Academic Awards 2019.

The Student Futures Award recognises an individual who has gone beyond their role to create opportunities for students to develop their skills and consider the next steps in their lives.

Through Ceri’s role as Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence, she is working cloely with SELA, to help us develop future leaders. This year, Ceri has used her extensive network of business contacts to facilitate learning for our members, establishing and facilitating projects for our second year students that have seen them genuinely taking a lead.

Thanks to Ceri’s support, our members have worked with local manufacturers to promote and explore digital adoption in manufacturing – using technology to improve efficiency, help address the UK’s decline in productivity, and work towards a vision of putting Sheffield back at the centre of UK manufacturing.

That’s an ambitious aim, but supported by Ceri’s mentoring, the students have successfully delivered a project with a local manufacturing company which has resulted in substantial financial and energy savings for them, and they are now exploring opportunities to commercialise their solutions, following feedback from other local businesses about its value as a low-budget but effective alternative to existing Internet of Things technologies in manufacturing.

Dr Gary Wood, Head of SELA, commented: ‘Our students have been a catalyst for companies in the Sheffield City Region discussing digital adoption, and this has given them an outstanding experience and opportunity to practise, build, and demonstrate their skills as young engineering leaders.

‘The scale and scope of this project would not have been possible without Ceri’s enthusiasm and commitment, and her unwavering trust in our students to live up to and surpass our expectations. We are immensely grateful to Ceri for her contribution to SELA this year, and delighted to see this recognised through these awards.’

The annual Academic Awards, run in partnership between the Sheffield Students’ Union and University, celebrate those who have enhanced education and community life at the University of Sheffield. They are a chance for students and university staff to reflect on the amazing work done by individuals, departments and the institution as a whole.

The Awards Ceremony, where winners will be announced, takes place this Wednesday, 15 May.

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