Thursday, 18 March 2021

SELA member ‘one of the most inspiring young people making manufacturing smarter’

Sam Maxwell working at a lab bench, soldering connections
We are delighted to share the news that Sam Maxwell, SELA Cohort 2018 member, has been recognised on the list of the most inspiring young people making manufacturing smarter, by The Manufacturer and KTN for national apprenticeship week 2021. 

Sam recognises that his recognition is underpinned by learning from SELA, where he has developed professional skills such as presenting, communication, team working and flexibility. Such skills making a huge difference when working on summer placements, and gave him the confidence to, ‘tackle difficult engineering projects, communicate my ideas to a wide audience and embrace new challenges.’

Monday, 8 March 2021

Celebrating Women in Engineering on International Women’s Day

Head and shoulders portrait photo of Hemanshi Galaiya

Today is the 46th celebration of International Women’s day, and every year the day has a different theme, with this year's being ‘women in leadership’, and so it is fitting that we have interviewed a woman who is just that, SELA Cohort 2016 graduate Hemanshi Galaiya.

As well as her commitment to SELA, Hemanshi was also President of the Women in Engineering Society at the University of Sheffield, and she has continued to achieve highlight as an inspiring young leader in Kenya. Drawing on her learning from SELA, Hemanshi was inspired to create the change she wanted to see in the world. 

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Using AI & Machine Learning to Improve Local Farming: SELA’s Food & Agritech Project 2020-21

Natasha Anderson & Sam Casadei, SELA Cohort 2019

This year’s integrative project theme is artificial intelligence and machine learning. It provides us with the chance to work alongside industry representatives, and local companies to promote the uptake of digital solutions, whilst also challenging us to apply the leadership skills that we have been developing throughout our time in SELA. Our team hopes by taking the lead in the small-scale farming sector, we can enable new forms of digital food systems data collection and can engage the Sheffield digital industries sector and the Sheffield food & drink sector in a range of innovative data and digital collaboration research activities. 
The Food and Agritech Project aims to find a way to collect data in small farms so AI and Machine Learning can be used to increase productivity. Working together with Sheffield-based food cooperative Regather, we are hoping to do this through prototyping and collecting data on basil growth as it’s easy to grow at home. We will collect data using Raspberry Pi technology combined with a range of sensors, capturing data on light, temperature, humidity and soil moisture.

Monday, 1 March 2021

Artificial Intelligence Meets Manufacturing

Henry Saunders, SELA Cohort 2019
This year the theme of SELA’s integrative projects is artificial intelligence and machine learning. The projects provide an opportunity for us to work in partnership with industry to practise and refine the leadership skills we develop through the weekly workshops and guest speaker sessions. 
I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work on a project exploring the use of AI and machine learning in manufacturing. Our goal was to create a predictive maintenance algorithm for use in the manufacturing industry.